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Hampton Roads

We're inviting local government, community service organizations, citizens, software developers, and technology innovators to collaborate around civic technology challenges that, if met, will make us better together.

Join us.


TCC Roper Performing Arts Center

4:00 PM | 2/21

340 Granby Street
, Norfolk, VA

Come Friday to learn. Sit for an evening of inspiring talks, movies and demos.


Dominion Enterprises

9:00 AM | 2/22

150 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA

Come Saturday to participate. Enjoy the views from the 20th floor for "civic hacking" activities and breakout sessions.

Attend one event or both. Registration is free and open to the public.


We're bringing these influential figures to Hampton Roads to speak at Code Across!

Sheila Dugan

Sheila Dugan will talk about digital literacy and EveryoneOn, where she is responsible for communicating their mission to get everyone online.

Waldo Jaquith

Waldo Jaquith will tell us why open government data and civic hacking matter and how our local governments and citizens can use open data to improve their lives.

Andreas Addison

Andreas Addison will share stories from inside the Office of the Mayor at City Richmond, where he is dedicated full time to civic innovation.


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On Saturday we'll have working groups you can join around these civic tech challenges. We also invite your ideas for alternate challenges.

Open Policy Challenge


Work with your local officials to create an open data policy, or draft an implementation plan or accountability structure for a recently passed policy.

Where's my School Bus?


Work with or lobby a school system to publish their real time bus location data on the web.

Open Incidents


Work with crime data publishers, journalists and civic leagues to make crime data easier to discover.

Open Budget


Redeploy one or more Open Budget apps in one or more cities to feature on gov web site(s), ex.

Open Building


Work with cities in the region to publish Open Data about buildings. Imagine new interfaces for Open Building data like Edifice.

We the People


The White House petition site has transformed the way constituents are heard by their elected officials. Redeploy petitions technology for Hampton Roads.

Open Health Inspection


Help provide easier ways for citizens to use public health inspection data.



Use HRVAWiki as a platform for curating local history online. Also, explore the concept of anchoring Open Data operations through the public library.



Empower citizens with public transportation data and information, like Use traffic data and public info to improve urban planning

Activity Ideas

Here are some quick activities that you can easily contrubute to just a few hours. Perfect for Saturday. Staff will be on site to help get you going.


Open Data Inventory

Take stock of where your city stands on publishing some fundamental datasets.

Skillset: Lobbying, Policy


Open Civic Data Scraper

Create scrapers to pull down important civic information to feed the Open Civic Data API.

Skillset: Coding, Data Analysis


HRVAWiki Edit-a-thon

Contribue your local knowledge to the Hampton Roads LocalWiki. Class on Saturday at 10:15am (30min)

Skillset: Writing, Photography, Videography


Wordpress Your Civic League

Learn how to get your civic league or community organization up and running on WordPress. Class on Saturday at 2pm (45min).

Skillset: Basic Web Hosting, Blogging


Geeks on the Bus

Join a group of people to ride the bus singing the praises of and passing out stickers.

Skillset: Design, Marketing, Promotions, Social Media


Mobile Parks and Rec

Make the ultimate mobile app for VB Parks & Rec data.

Skillset: Coding, Writing, Design


HRVAwiki Walking Tours

Help make routes for local art, architecture, history and more.

Skillset: Writing, Coding, Design


Elected Officials Survey

Fork the open data survey published by Open Twin Cities. Market the survey to local and state elected officials and candidates for office. Publish the results.

Skillset: Lobbying



Deploy and maintain Adopt-a app so people can adopt storm water drains. Adopt storm water drains using the app.

Skillset: App Deployment, Environmental Cleanup

Stuff You Should Know

What is Civic Hacking?

"Civic hackers" as we think about it for the National Day of Civic Hacking are technologists, civil servants, designers, entrepreneurs, engineers - anybody - who is willing to collaborate with others to create, build, and invent to address challenges relevant to our neighborhoods, our cities, our states and our country.
more on civic hacking...

What is “Beyond Transparency?”

Beyond Transparency is a call to action for local governments, civic technologists, and the community “to examine what is needed to build an ecosystem in which open data can become the raw materials to drive more effective decision-making and efficient service delivery, spur economic activity, and empower citizens to take an active role in improving their own communities.”

What is Code for Hampton Roads?

We are a Code for America Brigade, which means we're volunteers that contribute our talents toward improving the way our local governments and community organizations use the web. Brigade is about action and you're here because you are someone who takes action.

Who Should Get Involved?

Coders, designers, marketers, government staff, innovators — anyone with the passion to make their city and the region better.

What Should I Bring?

  • Yourself
  • Laptop / tablet / pen and paper
    (whatever you need to be productive)
  • Enthusiasm!

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