Want To Help Hampton Roads?
Good, we could use your help.

We are a Code for America Brigade, which means we're volunteers that contribute our talents toward improving the way our local governments and community organizations use the web. The Brigade is about action and you're here because you are someone who takes action.

We do a lot of things together, but our main activity is our Hack Night, which is held several Wednesday's a month from 6:00 to 9PM. The Hack Night is for those who want to:

  • get work done on civic projects
  • start a new project, or find one to join (all backgrounds welcome!)
  • bounce ideas and get help from tech and gov experts
  • learn about open data, smart cities, and open government

Contact us with questions code4hr-team@codeforamerica.org, Twitter, and Facebook.

For more, watch the inspirational TED talk given by Jennifer Pahlka, the founder of Code for America.

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